As Friends, As Fellow Mothers, As Sisters

We as women are rooted by nature in the relationships we form. I remember, and likely always will, how in third grade someone came between me and my best friend, causing a huge playground fight, leaving me feeling ostracized and alone. To me, this was the first experience with true loneliness I recall having faced.

Growing up with brothers and forever wishing for a sister (haven’t let that go yet, waiting on sister in laws someday soon ;) ), I’ve found friendships to be fundamental to my life. Girlfriends become your confidantes, cheerleaders, shoulder to cry on, ray of sunshine, and most of all, sisters.

And it took me time to appreciate this unique relationship.

I recall speaking to a mentor some years back about communication within a marital context, and she said to me, “You’ve got to know that a husband can never be what a female friend gives you in life,” driving home how different the communication is between a man and wife versus a woman with other women. She wanted me to know that while some women come into marriage putting everything they’ve got into the relationship, it is essential that she continue to renew and strengthen her friendships.

No one knows you like your girlfriends.biscuits-box-break-1091

We tend to relate to those who are most like us. Perhaps because this allows us to speak without fear of judgment. Perhaps because we know that we can speak without explaining ourselves. Look around at your friends, and you’ll notice that many of the qualities which they possess are similar to the ones you seek to emulate.

With these similarities as the basis for so many of our friendships, we communicate openly, allowing them into our lives, and giving of ourselves to them. We build mutual understandings and appreciation. We are able to know when the other needs reinforcement, whether or not she has communicated the need verbally.

Relating on the same plane.

As we progress through seasons of life, we face new struggles, and new triumphs. Whether it’s a child’s first word, first day in school, or struggles in raising disciplined little people, we look for others who can offer advice and words of comfort, and then cheer along with us in success. Whether we’re stay at home moms or balancing a profession and parenting, we need to know there are others sharing in the journey with us.

Taking time to share the coffee.

As busy as things get, we have to make time for ourselves, and for our friends. For as long as I can remember, my mother has scheduled coffee dates with her college friends, now of more than forty years. It’s a powerful message for me. As young mothers, the relationships we build now are for life. The time we take to go out with other women allows us to rejuvenate and refuel ourselves so that we can give back more productively to our family members, becoming more accomplished without burning out.

Hold your friends near and dear.

The further I’ve come in life, the more I appreciate my friends. They are truly the sisters I never had, and I cherish these relationships. Ladies, wherever you are out there, you have my heart. You are my strength. Thank you for being you.

Go out today and tell a friend how they’ve added to your life.


Meal Plan Week 3

As a mom who’s only recently begun meal planning, I know that consistency is my biggest challenge. Building meal planning into a habit is one of my curent goals and I’m doing my beset to stick with it. While last week I was away and thus didn’t have the opportunity or perhaps the need to plan, I did come back thinking a great way to work on continuation would be to build accountability for myself. So here it is. The (hopeful) plan is that I’ll be posting my meal plans on a weekly basis. Feel free to grab ideas, comment, or ask for recipes. We all seek inspiration in the kitchen, and I hope this offers you some. Enjoy!

A note on leftovers. Cooking for a relatively small family, and being someone who tends to overshoot quantity (better have too much rather than too little!) we eat plenty of leftovers. To keep monotony at bay, I do try to change things up from meal to meal, or I’ll serve dairy one night and meat the next. So long as the food is good, we’re good with it!

Eggplant parm

Shabbos – out both meals! :)

Sunday – Homemade mac & cheese + veggie julienne salad

Monday – Homemade mac & cheese + eggplant parmesan + veggie julienne salad

Tuesday – Tomato soup + whole wheat biscuits

Wednesday – Homemade mushroom stuffed hamburgers on whole wheat bread + toppings

Thursday – Pancakes + cottage cheese + fresh cut veggies

What are you making for dinner this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

What Makes a Mother


Have you ever thought about it?

Each of us is created of a partnership: G-d + father + mother = life.

Whether we have grown up with a mother in our lives or not; whether we have had a close, nurturing relationship with our mothers or not; whether we have known a biological mother or not, now is our time. It’s time that we take hold of this opportunity to become the best mothers we can be.

Mothering is not about perfection – it’s not about having doilies on dustless furniture like our Bubbies had, or about having dinner on the table every night at five o’clock before the kids go bouncing off the walls. And let me share a secret, it’s not even about having professional photos of the most adorable smiling faces all in matching outfits.

Being a mother is about being the nurturing woman you are, with the capabilities the Good Lord Above has blessed you with. HaKadosh Baruch Hu has given YOU strengths, weaknesses, talents and shortcomings that make you unique and valued as a member of the klal.

What we hold within us is incredible potential. We are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, and we are changing the world one step at a time. Perfection is not measurable. Perfection is being you.

Now go be YOU and love yourself for it.

New Beginnings – Welcome :)

1387933_19906830Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

Pull up a comfy seat, a cup of coffee, and join me in my journey – the same journey we are all living. We all have days when we can use a friend out there, and that’s exactly what this blog is meant to provide; a point of connectivity for Jewish Imas, Moms and Mummies the world over.

As Jewish women we know the elation of sharing in joyous occasions, the sorrow of sharing in heartbreak, and the blessings to be found amidst the everyday chaos or cherished moments of calm. As Jewish mothers we know the balancing act it takes to keep it all in order.

Throughout my life, as we all have, I’ve seen times of abundant simcha, as well as days of struggle and strife. Throughout it all I’ve learnt to appreciate the small things, and the process of living and learning throughout it all.

Join me as we work together collectively in our avoda. I promise you, with continuous and collective work towards sincere bitachon and a balanced life, the brachos that await us are unyielding.

Let’s do this together.